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Just about everything you could ever want to know, to see, to hear about Plan 9 is available from these pages. You'll have noticed some tunes as you arrived. There are five of our favorites to listen to on this page. Visit the music page for even more great grooves.

You can see us too, head over to the shows page and the videos page and enjoy. Image: 2017 RIMHOF InductionYou'll no doubt notice that some of the images on this site are also links so be sure to use your mouse to access the content (the photo to the left, for example, which will take you to details of our induction into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame when you click on it). More of this sort of thing can be found on the archive page, which is a treasure trove of special moments in our history that we want to share with you.

And if there's still not enough to satisfy you, click on the Facebook link below to discover even more.

It's good that you're here, be sure to visit regularly for the latest news, vids and music.

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September 2019: Sad news
Eric has passed away after a very brief illness
A final chapter tribute to follow...

July 2017: New music !
We are proud to announce the release of 17 new tracks - A Tonic of Puffer Fish (All About Zombies). Head over to our store for more info.

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