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5 more years...

Interim project 1983 involved Andy Doback and Whiplash records. Andy is a buddy and we thought it would be ok to do a record with him, and we were jamming out a lot at this point, plus the idea of doing a two sided 45 seemed unique. Deb designed the cover and 2 thousand copies of 5 YEARS AHEAD OF MY TIME (Third Bardo) were pressed. Mike Meehan's final contribution, this 45 is very hard to find, and fun to play with. Subsequently released on New Rose along with other tracks from the DWD sessions, so we could buy a better tour bus.

Significant in the fact that it had no title, the New Rose release had many rare great cuts, released in 1984 along with a special cut on the Pink Box compilation.

FRUSTATION (no R) released in Germany with alternate cover and misspelling of title track, strange but true.