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9 Guitars?

Who knew? Or... Then came Bob Fagan...Or back way up to 1979 and let me tell ya... from the beginning... and I'm gonna try not to leave ANYTHING out, though you'll probably wisht I had.

Enter, John DeVault asleep on the couch, Holly Scanlon if we ever needed a singa, Mike Meehan learning to play guitar but could actually play the drum kit, John Florence with a Tele bass as long as he was tall, Deborah D shy but willing and Eric Stumpo who could sing like Morrison and Arthur Lee and other snotty vocalists of garage psych, while ripping out the meanest guitar solos. Since Tori was still in Junior High and liked to hang around, we were hired for her graduation dance. We punked it out to the max, in pink fur pants, hi heels and back-up 8mm films. We played everything we knew, for 4 hours, rousting covers of every cool record from our ever expanding collection of 45's, the grittiest and grungiest garage tunes that were 3 chord wonders and easy to jam on. That was 1979, just prior to beginning an association with BOMP's Greg Shaw, that would eventually lead to the TRANCE-E-DELLIC improv's of Plan 9 2003!

Plan 9 was cool in 1979, enough to attract the attention of guitar punks Tom Champlin, & Eric Vandelin. The deal then was that if they helped us move out to the RED HOUSE they could join the jam. And while getting stupid was the No.1 priority, ultimately they began our wall-of-guitar sound, which had expanded to 3 guitars, all in tune on occasion.

Deb found a VOX Super Continental organ at a yard sale. Evan Williams, currently Medicine Ball co-creator and guitar generator, needed a place to live, had a car and a Gibson SG, left handed that he covered with illustrations that were really good, came in one night. We jammed on Dirty Water by the Standells for an hour. He realized the common denominator in our demos, silly love songs as they were, Gotta Move, Frustration, I Can Only Give You Everything, cool music so... we became the "4 guitar 9 member psychedelic experience" started to practice more... oh and I almost forgot about Mikey RIPAMAN who got a Burns guitar for the occasion, had played with us in Newport early on and looked like Eddie of Flo &, and was simply a funny funny man. The idea became apparent to us that we should be Plan 9, to honor the absurdity of the then little known sci-fi debacle, to which we felt akin, P-9 from Outer Space, the one they will certainly remember Ed Wood for.

Enter the texas punk 45 auctions and monumental trades for really great records. We were finding a lot of local stuff too, like the OTHERS Can't stand This Love Goodbye, Buzzards, NightRockers, and East Coast Surf stuff, along with the Trod Nossel records from Connecticut... and Greg Shaw wanted to get some of them, and oh btw Greg, are you looking for bands?