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Enigma Records, keep your cool...

Now things are getting a little wired, we're selling lots of records and touring a lot, to every city that had a college radio station and a venue, lots of great shows, selling more records and talking with ENIGMA. On one such tour, as the line-up evolved and we had road commitments, 5 years ahead of its time became a set, with a back up film sending audiences into a hippy-hippy-trance with Brian T who looked and sang like John Lennon. I remember driving THROUGH a rainbow, somewhere in Ohio, between gigs.

It took Eric a year to finally get a contract, but it was a winner, a five record commitment from Enigma Records in 1984 for the future of Plan 9. They wanted us on their Pink Dust roster of alternative creative West Coast psych, along with Plasticland, True West, Green On Red, Rain Parade and way later the Flaming Lips.

We recorded some 25 sides during the Keep Your Cool sessions at Trod Nossel. We found a great house in Shannock with three kitchens, so everyone who needed a place moved there, and even some who didn't. Mikey had burned out at this point and got back to a steady job in Newport. John DeVault started Future Tense and married Kathy. Brent Hosier came up from Richmond. Brian moved in with Lisa, Evan Laboissonniere had become a first rate player and wanted to commit, Tom (count me in) Champlin decided to sign, as did Evan Williams, Steve Andersen was in, no out, no in, no out on these sessions, to be joined up later with Frank Vilanni who up to this point had attended ALL of our Rhode Island shows, and Al-x was at the height of his LA/Japan modeling/acting gig. In support of KYC was a video, shot on `16mm film by Lew Summer. Enter Zoe, Tori, Jim MacNie, Colin Cheer, biker contingent from Providence, Last Call Saloon, Providence Performing Art Center, DoArt film labs, Jeff Connolly, Captain PJ, Candy, Kerry, Bob, Megan, Lisa, Deborah and the manager, the lovely manager, Joyce Linehan, plus Kristen, Tori and carloads of volunteers for what became the LOST KEEP YOUR COOL FOOTAGE starring Al-x Nagle with story boards remarkably executed by Evan Williams and music by Terry & The Chain Reactions. We used a Nagra to play the song on location OVER and OVER and OVER again, for three full days of shooting, but somehow, key footage was never found,,,and the project was aborted... until NOW!

ANYTIME ANYPLACE ANYWHERE was recorded by Deb's uncle Bobby Carl in 1956 for Decca. Reid Paley and Tanya Donnely recorded it with us for the EP, which Pink Dust eagerly released for us in 1986. We had great sales in Greece, we know not why.

Enter Capitol records merger for Enigma artists, when Sea Hunt demo recordings began in San Marcos Texas at the Fire Station (Stevie Ray Vaughan) for Enigma Variations II.