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Enter Victor Franko, indie-film producer from Providence RI with specs for NINE MENS MISERY a 1999 documentary film about Narragansett Indians actually winning a battle, in Cumberland, near a rock monument, 2000. Soundtrack completely improvisational, begin percussive exploration of globe with Tom Carmody, archeologist and Steven Andersen, with Norman Wrigley and Frank Villani all drummers, traditional and neo-traditional, with Debora D on Organ and of course, Eric Stumpo on both guitar and bass.

And in 2000 recorded GATHERING on 4 track with Tom, Frank Steve Eric & myself, two hours non-stop trance-e-dellic jamming, rhythm driven psych for sure...

Then came COWS in 2001, the COWTOWN shows were rather western, you could get cowpins and western trinkets, along with the two-hour self produced 8 track CD, mixed at Trod Nossel and recorded at Sweet Briar, featuring Ben (the hand), Tom (the archeologist) Dana Maguire Rhythm Kitchen, Deborah DeMarco (yamaha DX27) and Eric Stumpo (Lash Laroo). Performances featured Tom's excavations in old western towns on film cut with Roxy at the Saloon. Photos for the cover include visit to Saddle Town, CT

Sweet Briar is a state of mind, into itself. Melissa Emma Read her poetry there, to our trance-e-dellic music and recorded two sessions, totally without rehearsal. The SOUR TONGUE READINGS resulted last year, worthy of a Grammy. Produced by Frank Villani at Sweet Briar. The Hand bowed out, o/w line-up consistent.

THINGS I DO featured the Coconut Dance in 2002, and coupled with BLUE MOVIE will be released as a DVD upcoming. These are the Things We Are Doing currently. \AL-X is back in town on backwards guitar, other strings & things..The Kiagung eastern stringed instrument is featured, along with the powerful sonic drumming of Norman, bamboo sticks, eastern Tabla, Jumbai and Conga by Carmody, drums and percussion, harmonica by Frank Villani, Eric & Deb, of course, and Carolyn is both the dancer live and subject of the film which consists of her diary of growing up in Cambodian America, in high heel shoes. And Dominique is the subject of her own Blue Movie, a must see. We have recently purchased a video projector and will be showing film with our music ...see SHOWS.