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Vox Teen Beat Fanzine...

The Voxx Teen Beat fanzine mentions Plan 9 for the first time in March of 1981. Greg really liked the demo, gave us some dollars and direction, and in the fall of that year released Can't Stand/How Many Times on 45 with a PS so we could send 'em off to college radio land and promote our forthcoming EP FRUSTRATION which had a maze on the cover with no solution, hence...

Bomp/Sire night at the Peppermint Lounge NYC with The Unknowns and Billy Miller & Miriam Linna with the Zantees. We wore the same suits from our EP cover, and looked nice, and kicked all ass.

Fall 1982 9sters work on Beg For Love, a snotty simple garage ORIGINAL song, written by Deb D with a John DeVault featured guitar track. Eric begins writing. Peppermint Lounge NYC features BATTLE OF THE GARAGES bands Plan 9, Chesterfield Kings, Slickee Boys, Vipers. 1,000 fans show up including Ray Reynolds, smoking garage music scene bubbling under as the bands all played to the max, the sound incredible.

Reed Lappin takes a brake from In Your Ear to tour with us in search of records and more records. California bound, 1983 in the bus, 8 members get to Albuquerque NM and stay for a while. San Fransisco underground comic artist Rick Sloane and beautiful wife Teri Corbin worked on the venue there and Sloane did the great poster, and there was a gig in their garage, plus a night in the hospital with Mikey and a day up in the mountains where we decided to have Rick do the Plan 9 art for our next record already in the can.

Dealing With The Dead deals with a night to remember involving the spirit of a close friend, and a grave digger, and John DeVault who helped record voices. White Women are superchicks from the 1980's we get cards & letters from, on occasion. B-3-11 is a government code, I swear we knew nothing about until after Eric wrote it, and I Like Girls music by DeVault, words by Eric, sung by Mikey, another silly love song, Evan Stepping Outta Time for the first time, plus the cover glowed under a black light in the first pressing and we were nominated for a CMJ AWARD, 1983 as Futures Artist of the Year, along with the Lyres.