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Who knew?

And on the subject of Who knew? Bob Fagan came around again last year from Bright Pictures, NYC with a side project for Plan 9 from Whiz Kids, a product demo for the Mage Knight series of action figures. Plan 9 created the soundtrack for their demo, havva look...

Horizon Music Group and recording studios in New Haven CT have seen much of Plan9 lately, as efforts to mix and master new recordings are underway...with Vic Steffens...tentatively titled "HEADS", the nine are soon to release 20 songs employing past members, self recorded and produced by Doctor Frank Villani. Members include eric stumpo, debora d, roger vaughn, Bug Daddy Ripa, John DeVault, Evan Williams, Tom Carmody, Tom Champlin, Al-x (Chasers) Nagle, Steven Andersen and Craig Totten...a modern psychedelic masterpiece... meanwhile we are jamming frequently to film (my pictures fashun) and spoken word (Ms Melissa Emma, as featured on Sour Tongue Readings, no spitting recorded absolutely live, with no over-dubs) at AS220, a gallery and performance space Providence RI.