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Plan 9 Discography


Image: Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye 45 cover
I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye
1981 Voxx

Image: 5 Years Ahead Of My Time 45 cover
5 Years Ahead of My Time
1983 Whiplash

Image: Brian T 45 cover
Brian T & Plan 9 ep
1984 Midnight

Image: Merry Christmas 45 cover
Merry Christmas
1984 Midnight

Image: Around the USA 45 cover
Around The USA
1993 Worrybird


Image: Frustration album cover
Frustration EP
1981 Voxx

Image: Dealing With The Dead album cover
Dealing With The Dead LP
1983 Midnight

Image: New Rose Self Titled album cover
Plan 9 LP
1984 New Rose

Image: Live album cover
Live LP
1985 Midnight

Image: Keep Your Cool album cover
Keep Your Cool and Read The Rules LP
1985 Pink Dust/Enigma

Image: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere album cover
Anytime Anyplace Anywhere EP
1986 Restless/Enigma

Image: Sea Hunt album cover
Sea Hunt LP
1987 Enigma

Image: Ham & Sam album cover
Ham & Sam Jammin' LP
1989 Restless

Image: Stock Footage album cover
Stock Footage LP
1994 WorryBird

Image: Pleasure Farm CD cover
Pleasure Farm CD
1998 J-Bird

Image: Cow Town CD cover
Cow Town CD
2001 Criswell Predicts

Image: The Gathering CD cover
The Gathering CD
2001 Criswell Predicts

Image: 9 Men's Misery CD cover
9 Men's Misery CD
2001 Criswell Predicts

Image: Sour Tongue Readings CD cover
Sour Tongue Readings CD
2002 Criswell Predicts

Image: Things I Do CD cover
Things I Do CD
2008 Criswell Predicts