Nine Men's Misery

Plan 9 - Nine Mens Misery -CD

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Plan 9 - Nine Mens Misery - CD

Nine Men's Misery two hour-log jams recorded at sweet Briar Sound Dec 2000 and March 2001 features Eric's big psych guitar and bass, Deb on electronic keys and deer horns, plus Norman Wrigley & Frank Villani on kit drums, & Tom Carmody on all natural percussion. Music for the documentary film Nine Men's Misery produced and directed by Victor Franko. Cover art by RK Sloane, photo by Alexis. Vic came to the studio with this project in mind, Plan 9 began recording long uninterrupted improvisations based on notions about a particular battle which took place in Cumberland, Rhode Island where Narragansett Indians confronted settlers and beat them…the rock monument was erected and remains... 140 minutes of rhythm driven trance psych, recorded live.