Sour Tongue Readings (no spitting)

Plan 9 - Sour Tongue Readings-CD

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Plan 9 - Sour Tongue Readings (no spitting) - CD

Sour Tongue Readings (no spitting) features Dana, Frank, Eric & Deb with bonus track by Tom Carmody and spoken word improvisation by Melissa. Dana's world percussion drove the jam and Melissa Emma performed her readings live and interrupted during both sets. Tom dubbed a live percussion and Frank engineered the whole experience. Mixed at Trod Nossel, produced by Frank Villani, Debora D. & Richard. Melissa reads in rhythm and harmony while Plan 9 goes to trance. Cover art by Deb ripped from a candy pack, photos by Deb. Recorded in Jan/Feb 2002. 80 minutes... delicious.