A Tonic Of Puffer Fish (All About Zombies)

Plan 9 - Tonic of Puffer Fish - CD


Plan 9 - A Tonic of Puffer Fish - CD

17 brand new sides for consumption, featuring Eric Stumpoís dark lyrics and pristine guitar work, Deb D on Roland d-50, Vox Connie and an old Wurlie Frank found by the side of the road, Mike Ripa on vocals & guitar, Tommy Champlin on an amazing instrumental track he wrote, John DeVaultís clever lyrics and song writing, Al-x, Craig Totten, Roger Vaughn, Steven Anderson, typically GREAT DRUMMING from Frankie V, and a stunning vocal dub from Ms Christine Ohlman
Recorded and produced by F Villani at Sweet Briar, mixed by Vic at Horizon... fresh and clean.

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